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The Raritan Valley Orthodox

Jewish Community Association

The ROC of NJ Explains: ‘Why Move to Raritan Valley?

There may be many shuls across the region that use videos to convey the vibrancy of their kehillot. There may even be some communities where the different shuls and yeshivot unite to create a video that showcases their area. The ROC of New Jersey, uniting the Jewish communities of East Brunswick, Edison and Highland Park, has taken that to a new level, issuing three professionally produced videos that vividly highlight the breadth and warmth of Jewish life in their region.

The videos provide an overview of the community, as well as a look at the different shuls and schools. Community members interviewed in the videos include Rivky Ross and Rabbi Daniel Loew (the heads of school of Netivot and RPRY), Rabbi Sariel Malitzky (Congregation Ohr Torah), Rabbi Gedalia Jaffe (Congregation Ahavas Yisrael), Rabbi Ronald Schwarzberg, Andrew Gross (president of YIEB), Juliet Krumholtz (a local realtor), a few local parents and members of the board of The ROC of NJ.

In an email to supporters on July 9 announcing the videos, The ROC of NJ explained the viewpoint that the videos illustrate: “With nine shuls, day schools, yeshivos, eruvs, mikvaos, plenty of kosher food establishments and affordably priced housing, this is an area of New Jersey that you should consider when purchasing your new home. We are centrally located in the Tri-State area not more than 45 minutes from most other communities in New Jersey and an hour from NYC, with an easy commute to Manhattan or to your family in the City.”

To view the videos, ask questions or schedule a tour of Raritan Valley, please visit


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