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The Raritan Valley Orthodox

Jewish Community Association

Thank you for becoming a Founder!

Please fill out the following information to receive a complimentary gift in appreciation of your support.

After you click submit, please select your founder level gift, and click the Yellow "Buy Now"  button below to finalize your contribution.

Thanks for your donation.Your coupon book will be mailed within two weeks.Artscroll Books will be shipped within a month.


Founder Gifts

  • Chizuk for Your Heart

  • Living Emunah on the Parsha

  • Thanks to You for Everything You do

  • Rav Chaim Kanievsky Zemiros

  • Shaar Habitachon of Chovos Halevavos

Double Chai

Founder Gifts

  • What If on Yamim Tovim

  • What If on Yamim Tovim 2

  • Let's Talk Living Emunah

  • The Rebbetzin

  • Just Love Them

  • Between Carpools – Dinner Done

Triple Chai

Founder Gifts

  • The Beit HaMikdash

  • The Illustrated Tehillim

  • A Taste of Pesach

  • A Taste of Pesach 2

  • Peas Love & Carrots – The Cookbook

Patron & Benefactor

Founder Gifts

  • Aleinu L'Shabei'ach Set

  • Onkeles Set

  • Artscroll Machzorim Set – Sefard/Ashkenaz

  • Artscroll Interlinear Machzorim Set – Sefard/Ashkenaz


Founder Gift

  • Shop Local Coupon Book (approx. $1200 value)

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