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The Raritan Valley Orthodox

Jewish Community Association

Thank you for becoming a Founder!

Please fill out the following information to receive a complimentary gift in appreciation of your support.


Founder Gifts

  • Chizuk for Your Heart

  • Living Emunah on the Parsha

  • Thanks to You for Everything You do

  • Rav Chaim Kanievsky Zemiros

  • Shaar Habitachon of Chovos Halevavos

Double Chai

Founder Gifts

  • What If on Yamim Tovim

  • What If on Yamim Tovim 2

  • Let's Talk Living Emunah

  • The Rebbetzin

  • Just Love Them

  • Between Carpools – Dinner Done

Triple Chai

Founder Gifts

  • The Beit HaMikdash

  • The Illustrated Tehillim

  • A Taste of Pesach

  • A Taste of Pesach 2

  • Peas Love & Carrots – The Cookbook

Patron & Benefactor

Founder Gifts

  • Aleinu L'Shabei'ach Set

  • Onkeles Set

  • Artscroll Machzorim Set – Sefard/Ashkenaz

  • Artscroll Interlinear Machzorim Set – Sefard/Ashkenaz


Founder Gift

  • Shop Local Coupon Book (approx. $1200 value)

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