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The Raritan Valley Orthodox

Jewish Community Association

Great Artscroll Gifts For You!


Support the vital work of The ROC of NJ - Chesed and Parnossa Network, proudly serving the Middlesex County communities since 2020, and get some great Artscroll books and Seforim as our gift to you.

Complimentary Donor Gifts

For any donation above $100 received between

January 1 - March 26, 2024

you can receive one of the books in your donation category below:

(If there are other books/seforim that you want that aren't listed here, please go to to see if it's the same retail price of the books in your category, and we will try to accommodate your request.)

Category 1

$100 & up

  • 90 Seconds (Paperback)

  • Rebbitzen Kanievsky (Paperback)

  • What The Angels Taught You (Paperback)

  • You Revealed (Paperback)

  • Lets Be Honest

  • The Starlight Sisters Volume1

  • Large Type Tehillim (Pocket Size)

  • A Daily Dose of Bitachon (Paperback)

Category 2

$180 & up

  • The Power of Simcha

  • Rebbi Meir Bal Hanes

  • Rav Nota

  • Understanding Your Tefilla

  • B'Ahava Benny

  • The Big Book Of Middos Books

  • Vayimaein

  • Angels In Orange

  • Tefilasi (specify desired color-  White, Copper, Blue or Brown)

Category 3

$360 & up

  • Sefer Chofetz Chaim (Student Size Slipcased Set)

  • Rav Chaim Kanievsky: Living a Life of Halacha

  • Marblespoon At Home

  • Pele Yoetz (Volume 1)

Category 4

$500 & up

  • Kedushas Levi (3 Volume Slipcased Set)

  • Seforno (2 Volume Set)

  • Tefilasi - Signature Leather (specify desired color - White, Iris Purple, Fuschia Pink, Navy, Royal Brown)

Category 5

$1,000 & up

  • Czuker Edition Hebrew Mikraos Gedolos (Mid Size 52 Volume Paperback Set)

  • Kleinman Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (Personal Size 10 volume Paperback Set)

  • Neviim Achronim English Transliteration (4 Volume Set)

  • Kesuvim Mikraos Gedolos (6 Volume Set)

  • Zichron Meir Edition Targum Onkelos (5 Volume Slipcased Set)

  • Strasbourg Saga by Avner Gold (Complete 12 Volume Paperback Slipcased Set)

Category 6

$1,800 & up

  • Ohr Hachaim (Complete 10 Volume Set)

  • Hebrew Sefer Hachinuch (7 Volume Set)

  • Ramban on Chumash (7 Volume Set)

  • Stone Edition Full Size Signature Leather Chumash (Navy or Royal Brown)

Make your donation today!

Chanukah Gelt Giveaway!

$5,000 in Prizes to 8 Winners Each Day of Chanukah!

*Pending 400 donors minimum to The ROC of New Jersey’s Founders Win-Win-Win Campaign by December 7,  2020. 

A maximum of 300 can be from the Community and Regional Founders level donors. More details to follow.

1st Prize 


2nd Prize 


3nd Prize 


4th Prize 


1st Prize  $2,000

1 winner

2nd Prize  $1,000

1 winner

3rd Prize  $500

2 winners

4th Prize  $250

4 winners

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