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Nefesh Yehudi Academy is an after-school (Monday-Thursday) Judaic education program that complements the curriculum of a Hebrew immersion charter school program, while encouraging students to appreciate the diversity of all Jews. The program prepares our graduates to succeed in a full-day Jewish middle school if they so choose.

The Program Director's role is to oversee the program, respond to parents, supervise and communicate with teachers and support staff, maintain ongoing communication with the Board, and communicate with the school community at large. Further, the Program Director, works with the Board and teachers to build, implement, evaluate, and adjust the curriculum. As Program Director, additional responsibilities include monitoring reimbursement requests, managing teacher performance and requests, and supporting students. The Program Director will also teach one class.

School is closed on on all federal holidays and Yom Tovs. However, during short days at the charter school, the Program Director is in charge of planning and fundraising for these "long days."
Candidates must have prior teaching experience, knowledge of Judaic education/programming, and the ability to multi-task in a leadership and managerial position. For more information or to apply please email

East Brunswick

For more information or to apply please email

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