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Head of School @ Politz Day School

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Head of School
Politz Day School is seeking a Head of School to begin in July 2021. This is an opportunity for an individual with a passion for Jewish children and Jewish education, the vision to grow and guide an institution, and the drive to lead. We seek a leader who can set long-term goals, manage day-to-day operations to achieve the larger objectives, and bring other stakeholders along with him/her.

The school culture that the Head of School manifests should be one where students are happy and excited to come to learn each day. The experience at school should teach our students to love learning, to feel happiness and pride in their religious observance, and to see themselves as valued members of the school community. Such a school culture can unite the range of viewpoints in our Orthodox community and position Politz as a community Torah day school that can serve as a big tent with room for all our families without abandoning our commitment to an excellent Judaic and general education or our staunch support for Israel and religious Zionism. To achieve these goals, the Head of School will need to be an excellent communicator and relationship builder who can express achdut and shared values in presenting the school’s curriculum, programs, and educational goals.

We are also looking for an educational leader who can create and sustain a culture of academic excellence. The Head of School should be someone whom our students (and parents and faculty) will respect as an academic and religious role model, who embodies the aspiration of lilmod, l’lamed v’la’asot - learning, teaching and doing - and a paragon of integrity who models the ideal of tocho k’varo, that they are the same on the inside as they appear on the outside. The Head should have a vision - built upon knowledge of state requirements - of what students should know across Jewish and secular subjects as they grow and progress through the school. They should have an understanding of different theories of learning and bring that knowledge to bear in practice so that all children have a place at Politz. They should be a strong mentor who can help each teacher to shine. They should be motivated by their love of children and learning and that passion should be palpable to all.

Desired Qualifications
Successful work history in Jewish educational settings.
A minimum of 3 years of increasing administrative responsibility and/or institutional leadership, in Jewish educational settings.
Knowledge of and personal commitment to - Jewish ideals, values, rituals, and practice.
A practical understanding of educational theories and strategies through advanced study, certificate programs, mentoring, or equivalent.
Financial literacy and experience with institutional budgets.
Strong proficiency in the Hebrew language is a plus.
Ability to communicate clearly and thoughtfully both verbally and in writing.
Comfort soliciting input from others while still being decisive and independent in the decision-making process.
Excellent people skills with a warm, honest, and fair approach to dealing with others.
Ability to maintain composure and effectiveness under pressure and to approach work with creative energy, enthusiasm, and humor.

Cherry Hill

Please provide cover letter, resume, and 3 references.

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