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Full-Stack Software Engineer (Mid-Level)

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Jewish Community Association

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Dynamics, a high-tech custom software company specializing in the healthcare domain looking for a passionate developer with full stack experience looking to create world class applications. At Dynamics we value a high level of professionalism in our work, from coming prepared to client meetings, to putting that extra shine on your code commits. We grow, we make mistakes, we learn…



HTTP requests, SSL, SSH, SMTP, and other basic protocols used in web development
How Web API’s work and standards used often
Asymtotics, data structures, and classical algorithms
SQL or similar database query languages
Technical ability to pick up new technologies, read through open source code bases, and continuously learn new things

Have a Bachelors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other high tech related degree
1-3 years working in the web development field (front and back end experience)
Comfortable working with other developers and interfacing with clients
Ability to dive into unexplored territory, learn new things, fall down, get back up and keep going


SQL, Postgres
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (also es6+)
Bootstrap 4.x
Python 3.5+, Django 3, pytest
REST / GraphQL
docker, git, bash

TDD, with unit tests, integration tests, and selenium.
Basic understanding of CI/CD
General familiarity with the linux command line

Job Type: Full Time

Vacation Policy: Flexible

Location: 4770 White Plains Road, Bronx New York

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