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Female Head of Aquatics

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Jewish Community Association

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Camp Shalom NJ is a not-for-profit day camp that believes every child deserves an amazing summer experience. Campers will experience all of the elements that make camp special: swimming, sports, and outdoor fun.

Position Summary:

The Aquatics Director is responsible for the safety of the campers in the outdoor pools and in any pool-related activity. The Aquatics Director is responsible for the behaviors of the lifeguards and their lifeguarding skills.

Background Required and Qualifications

• Must be at least 21 years of age.

• Has the ability to work independently and know when to request assistance.

• Possesses good leadership abilities and responsibility skills.

• Demonstrates appropriate behavior at all times.

• Patient, enthusiastic, self-controlled, and dependable.

• Has the ability to work with others and follow directions.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

• Be knowledgeable of all policies and rules and assist in their enforcement.

• Observes all rules and regulations established for the Camp Shalom staff and campers.

• Recruits and hires all lifeguards and water safety instructors.

• Ensures proper certification for all lifeguarding staff and arranges for recertification when necessary.

• Maintains files with all, accurate certifications and provides a copy of such file to the Executive Director.

• Arranges testing of each camper at the start of camp and assigns them to swim groups and distributes appropriate level swim cap.

• Checks in with office weekly for updated lists and new campers.

• Provides a list of lifeguards and their assigned campers in the 3rd week of each month.

• Handles all supplies related to the pool.

• Assigns tasks to, schedules breaks for, and maintains work records of lifeguards.

• Assesses the appropriateness of campers’ behavior and applies appropriate behavior management techniques.

• Effectively communicates with parents, including at least two times per month.

• Specifically notifies parents if the child is not participating in the swimming program before reports are sent out.

• Train staff in teaching techniques

•Make sure that all staff are at their appointed spots on time

•Perform regularly scheduled water tests (per city-state mandates) and maintain log •book with results

•Provide indoor teaching on rainy days.

• Notifies the Executive Camp Director and office staff if he/she must be absent or late for duty for any reason.

• Notifies the office when a staff member from their division is absent or late.

Years of experience: 3-4
Lifeguard Certification

Water Safety Instructor(WSI) Certification


To apply for this job email your résumé to

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