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Assistant Warehouse Manager

The Raritan Valley Orthodox

Jewish Community Association

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Job Description:
A consumer products Manufacturer and Distributor is seeking an Assistant Warehouse Manager.
The ideal candidate will oversee warehouse operations and promote productivity. Duties include staff management, shipping and receiving oversight, maintaining product inventory, processing damage claims and returns, ensuring all orders are shipped correctly and more.

Administering daily warehouse activity.
Enforcing methods to promote efficiency and productivity.
Organizing product storage and labeling.
Maintaining accurate product inventory and stores.
Scheduling product delivery and shipments.
Organizing product unloading and storage efforts.
Processing client orders.
Ensuring all requested products are in stock and noting back-order requests.
Supervising client order preparations.
Ensuring all client orders contain specified products and are shipped and delivered in a timely manner.
Processing damage claims and returns.
Processing required paperwork and ensuring that inventory stocks and client accounts reflect adjustments.
Resolving any disputes or difficulties.
Maintaining thorough files and records for Shipping, Receiving, Products, Inventory and Client Accounts.
Complete other duties as necessary.
3 years of related work experience.
Comprehensive knowledge of warehouse operations.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, oral and written.
Capable of working with all manner of individuals.
Supervisory skills.
Highly organized, methodical and efficient.
Motivated and detail oriented.
Good time management skills with the ability to multitask.
Capable of meeting stringent deadlines and producing in a fast-paced environment.
Professional and personable manner.
Computer skills.
Location: Central, NJ
Salary: $80K

Central, NJ

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