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Director of Mens MSW Program - Sara Schenirer @ Yeshiva University

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Director of Mens MSW Program - Sara Schenirer
Men's Program Director

Job No: 495235

Work Type: Staff Full-time

Department: Wurzweiler School of Social Work

Location: Wilf Campus, 500 West 185th Street, NY, NY

Categories: Academic Administration

Position Summary:

The Men's Program Director is responsible for the daily operational activity of the Programs for Religiously Observant Students, the largest of which is the Sara Schenirer program. This includes collaborating on recruitment and vetting/interviewing of students, managing all orientations, supporting all classes and faculty, working with IT to develop and maintain technology that will support the classes, managing program outreach, budget and supervision of staff who work in the program.

The Men's Program Director provides curriculum coordination and direction to the Program. S/he works closely with the Dean and the Associate Dean, with the Director of the Religious MSW Programs, the Sara Schenirer Senior Associate Director of Field, with men's field coordinators and with Sara Schenirer Women's Seminary to: vet, hire and support adjunct and full time faculty, supervise curriculum renovations and alterations in conjunction with sequence chairs and Sara Schenirer, assure that matters of curriculum, standards, and policies are implemented with fidelity to CSWE and the WSSW program, schedule classes, assign teachers and TAs as needed.

The program director will also oversee assessment activities related to the Program. The Director will work with MarCom on marketing the program, preparing informational materials and conducting info sessions where appropriate. The director also works with GEM on recruitment, the registrar on registration and calendars and student finance on financial issues. She/he has primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with CSWE accreditation standards for the Program and for preparing reports and self-study documents for accreditation.

She/he also works closely with the Associate Dean and the Director of the Religious MSW Programs in course scheduling and teaching assignments for the program the Men's MSW Program Director will assume responsibility for developing onboarding of all new faculty and adjuncts and maintaining the webpage and overseeing all print and promotional material.

The Director will keep the dean and the Director of the Religious MSW Programs appraised of program needs, growth patterns and system improvements. The Men's Program Director will aggressively look for ways to improve the running and administration of the program to ensure smooth and high-quality service to students.

Finally, the Men's Director is expected to manage a complex multifaceted operation by deescalating problems and successfully managing their resolution in a student-focused way.

Position Responsibilities:


• Work to assure a proper match between faculty talent and available courses
• Communicate hiring needs to the Dean and Director of the Religious MSW Programs
• Schedule all classes for three semesters being mindful of course plans and certificate needs
• Will assess which courses should be offered in various venues—face-to-face, hybrid or online
• Work with Graduate Enrollment Services to coordinate effective and efficient course scheduling, reporting and registration
• Monitor faculty workload obligations and work with sequence chairs to assist with the management of workloads and assignments.

Academic Management:

• Schedule courses; identify, recruit, select, and provide orientation to part-time adjunct instructors
• Responsible for planning and implementing orientations and other major events that related to the lifecycle of students
• Effectively communicate a vision for creation, leadership and administration of the Programs
• Provide administrative oversight to the Program
• When and where applicable manage certificate programs, which includes auditing student transcripts for certificate program eligibility, solicit and gather applications, verify eligibility with Field Office, maintain database of students eligible, create certificates to distribute at graduation ceremony
• Coordinate on-line and face to face course sessions
• Coordinate student advising
• Monitor and evaluate Program curriculum
• Coordinate Program admission procedures
• Assist with retention efforts
• Coordinate with the Student Review Committee on student issues such as academic misconduct, grade appeals, and exceptions to academic policies
• Does all course scheduling
• Select adjunct faculty for hire and evaluates adjunct faculty using the expertise of the Dean, Associate Dean, and Director of the Religious MSW Programs as needed
• Assist with the development of internal and external reports, handbooks, and other documents
• Update handbooks for faculty and students; assist with the coordination of revision components
• Other duties and special projects as assigned by the Dean, Associate Dean, and Director of the Religious MSW Programs
• Prepare the Dean’s List and Probation/Dismissal List notifications
• Work with support staff, lead graduation preparations including audit student transcripts, gather award nominees for several school awards, edit and proof graduation program, coordinate speakers, edit graduation schedule and script, ceremony set-up, assist during ceremony
• Assist faculty when they are unable to attend class to develop a viable plan
• Maintain master list of students; and monitor GPA of students
• Assist in maintenance of the website (update webdocs, audit website to ensure it is accurate and up to date, participate in meetings regarding new website design)
• Work with appropriate faculty/associate dean to gather information and ensure communication to respective internal departments such as student aid, student services, etc.
• Generate and analyze financial reports using Banner Self-Service, Banner INB, and Argos; gather budget information for Dean’s review
• Audit student schedules and transcripts to ensure they are registered in appropriate courses each semester
• Advise students on course registration each semester
• Handle student inquiries (email, phone,) and coordinate with GEM
• Generate various reports using Banner (course rosters, course tallies, etc.)
• Prepare materials for upcoming semesters (schedules, calendars, room assignments, etc.)
• Work with faculty to get courses onto Canvas each semester, ensure all students properly enrolled in online courses, act as liaison with faculty/students and IT regarding Canvas issues and troubleshooting
• Correspond with students (scheduling appointments, communicating information, course advisement)

Experience & Educational Background:

• MSW degree required
• At least 3-5 years of administrative experience are required
• Equivalent combination of education and experience will also be considered

Skills & Competencies:

This position requires the following skills:

• Capacity to manage a complex multifaceted operation by deescalating problems and successfully managing their resolution in a student-focused way
• Exceptional people skills
• Capacity to manage multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast paced, high pressure office
• Capacity to triage demands in order of priority
• Capacity to generate professional and courteous correspondence in a timely fashion
• Capacity to learn new skills as required to complete the job
• Knowledge of Excel, Word
• Knowledge of social media and web site development
• Capacity to remain calm under pressure and complete tasks quickly
• Capacity to navigate complex university systems to positive effect
• Must possess strong knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. May use other Microsoft programs as assigned. Ability to quickly learn and become proficient in new software and technology is essential
• Must be exceedingly well organized, flexible and enjoy the administrative challenges of supporting a small office of diverse people and programs
• Must have ability to interact with staff (at all levels) in a fast-paced environment, sometimes under pressure, remaining flexible, proactive, resourceful and efficient; a high level of professionalism and confidentiality is crucial to this role
• Must demonstrate good judgment, initiative and attention to detail
• Must be able to effectively track time and resources to prioritize work assignments among assigned staff
• Must possess strong customer service, communication and organizational skills
• May be required to work independently and produce quality work from conception to completion on assigned projects

The University offers an excellent compensation package, and a broad range of employee benefit plans, including immediate participation in the University’s retirement plan. Staff members are typically eligible for four weeks paid vacation each year and have access to a shuttle to nearby subway locations.

Yeshiva University is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans.

Washington Heights

Applicants apply directly to Employer. To apply, visit

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