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Nefesh Yehudi Academy is looking for an experienced 2nd grade teacher for our after-school program. The teacher will be responsible for implementing a curriculum focusing in Jewish values, holidays, prayers and be able to read and write in Hebrew.

Candidates must have prior teaching experience, knowledge of Judaic education/programming, and the ability to multi-task. For more information or to apply please email president@nefeshyehudiacademy.com.

This is a part-time program typically running from 3:00-5:00PM Monday-Thursday.

About NYA: Nefesh Yehudi Academy is an after-school (Monday-Thursday) Judaic education program that complements the curriculum of a Hebrew immersion charter school program, while encouraging students to appreciate the diversity of all Jews. The program prepares our graduates to succeed in a full-day Jewish middle school if they so choose.

East Brunswick